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What are Annual Curling Dues?

  • Billed on September 30 and are payable by October 31st.
  • Interest will accrue on overdue accounts at a rate determined by the Board from time to time and is currently set at 2.5% per month.
  • There is a $50.00 administration charge to a member who resigns and rejoins in the same season.

What is the Special Assessment Fee

  • Also known as Ice Plant Assessment
  • The Board of Directors in 2017 re-introduced the special assessment fee of $50 per adult curling member, $25 for intermediate members, $20 for Junior & Bantam members and $10 for Little Rock curlers to assist with the purchase of the new condensor.

What is the Capital Fund?

  • A financial assessment assigned to a majority of curling members to assist with special projects, capital items or in times of hardship.
  • Adults pay $45 annually and Intermediates pay $25 annually.
  • Bantam, Junior and Little Rocks are not required to pay the Capital Fund Fee, but are assessed a Development fee of $25 that goes towards the continuous development of the JR/Bantam & Little Rocks Programs.

What is the NOCA Fee?

  • Northern Ontario Curling Association
  • The Idylwylde (Region 5) is a member of the NOCA and therefore a member of the Canadian Curling Association.
  • This fee is billed annually on September 30th.
  • Little Rocks are exempt from paying NOCA fees
  • Paid once annually regardless of how many leagues or clubs are joined.
  • If a member has already paid this fee at another Club, we ask that you notify us at time of registration by producing a photocopy or providing the Club Name and NOCA number.

What is an Annual Chit minimum?

  • Each adult member of the Club is required to spend an established House minimum in the 12 month period from October 1st to September 30th (excludes Intermediates, JR/Bantam and Little Rocks)
  • This minimum applies only to food and beverage purchased by chit (taxes and gratuities are not included).
  • Any unused amount will automatically be charged on the October Statement
The minimum chit for Adult Curling Members is $100 for the 2017-18 Curling Season.

What is a Share?

  • Curling Members may purchase a share in the Company
  • Only individuals 18 years of age and over may own a share
  • Every individual may own 1 share
  • A share may not be owned by a business or corporation
  • Ownership of a share carries with it preferred annual membership fee in the Clubhouse and Curling sections as well as a vote at all Shareholders' meetings
  • The share and voting privilege are issues once the share is paid in full
  • Shareholders may sponsor or second new members
  • Shares are valued at $1400.00 and are not subject to taxes
  • A deferred payment plan of up to 5 years is avilable with an Administration fee of $25/year
  • Deferred share payments are refundable but the administration fee is non-refundable

How Do I Acquire a Share?

  • Private Sale
    • Outside the control of the Idylwylde Golf & Country Club
    • The Idylwylde will not exchange monies with the parties, but rather the vendor and the seller of the share exchange monies directly in a method mutually agreed to by them
    • The original share will be voided and a new share issued to the purchaser
    • Subject to a $250 transfer fee
  • Inheritance or gift from Family Member
    • Substantiated by appropriate documentation
    • Subject to a $10 transfer fee
  • Idylwylde Golf and Country Club
    • Purchase a new share at the current value, as set by the Board of Directors, from Treasury for outright ownership
    • Arrange through the Club's current Deferred Payment Plan for the purchase of a share over a period of time
    • Ownership of the share is transferred at the time of receipt of payment in full
    • A deferred payment plan of up to 5 years is available with an administration fee of $25/year
    • Deferred share payments are refundable but the administration fee is non-refundable